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    To provide customers with professional hydraulic press equipment one-stop service
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  • 1250t hydraulic press put into use in a company in Qingdao

    Warmly celebrate the successful installation and commissioning of 1250t hydraulic press in Qingdao. The high temperature a few days ago did not affect the enthusiasm of our workers. We stagger the high temperature period, and still work hard!!

  • Failure analysis of cooler of hydraulic press

    Hydraulic press is often equipped with a cooler as a cooling device to prevent the temperature from being too high. What causes the leakage of the cooler in long-term use?

    1、 Cooling performance degradation

    The main reason for this failure is blockage and deposit retention on the cooling pipe wall, forming hard block and pipe scale, which reduces the heat dissipation and heat transfer function. In addition, insufficient cooling water, cooler water and air accumulation in the cavity will also cause the cooling performance to decline.

    2、 Breakage

    Due to the temperature difference between the two fluids, the thermal expansion of the oil cooler material will produce thermal stress or the inflow pressure will be too high, which may lead to the damage of relevant parts. In addition, in cold areas or winter, when the oil cooler is shut down at night, the freezing expansion inside the pipe will burst the cooling water pipe. Therefore, it is necessary to select materials that are hard to be affected by thermal expansion, and adopt deformation compensation structure such as floating head; in cold season, water in cooler should be drained every night.

    3、 Oil and water leakage

    Oil pressure machine oil leakage, water leakage, there will be outflow of white oil, discharge of water with oily phenomenon. It is caused by water leakage, water leakage at the end of the cooling tube, water leakage at the end of the cooling tube, or oil leakage at the end of the cooler. At this time, according to the situation, take measures such as replacement of seal and repair welding to solve the problem.

    4、 Supercooling

    The temperature and flow rate of the relief valve in the cooling circuit of the CNC hydraulic press changes with the load flow of the system, so the calorific value will also change. Sometimes it will produce supercooling and waste war. Let the system have a suitable oil temperature, the temperature control system can automatically adjust the cooling water quantity. If it is lower than the normal oil temperature, stop the cooler or even turn on the heater.

  • Influence of high temperature on hydraulic press in summer

    In this hot summer, the heat makes people feel tired. Even if they don't work, the sweat will flow down. What is the impact of this high temperature on our hydraulic press? High temperature will also make the hydraulic oil temperature rise. If the oil temperature is too high, the following faults and adverse effects will occur:

    ① High temperature of the hydraulic oil will reduce the cleanliness of the oil, increase the leakage, and significantly reduce the volumetric efficiency of the pump and the efficiency of the whole system. As the cleanliness of the oil is reduced, the oil film of the moving parts such as the slide valve becomes thinner and cut, and the friction resistance increases, which leads to the aggravation of wear and the heating of the hydraulic press, which brings higher temperature.

    ② The hydraulic oil temperature is too high, which makes the mechanical thermal deformation, makes the gap between the moving parts with different thermal expansion coefficient smaller and stuck, causing action failure, and affecting the accuracy of hydraulic equipment, resulting in poor processing quality of parts.

    ③ If the temperature of hydraulic oil is too high, the rubber seal will be deformed, and the rubber seal will be aged earlier, the service life will be reduced, the sealing performance will be lost, and the leakage will cause further heating and temperature rise.

    ④ If the hydraulic oil temperature is too high, it will accelerate the oil oxidation deterioration, precipitate asphalt material, and reduce the service life of hydraulic oil. The precipitates block the damping hole and gap valve port, resulting in pressure regulation failure, flow instability of flow valve and direction valve stuck not reversing, metal pipeline elongation and bending, and even rupture.

    Therefore, when the pressure of your hydraulic press is not up, the accuracy is not accurate, and the sealing ring is damaged, the oil temperature of the hydraulic press may be too high. You can consider installing an air conditioner cooler for your hydraulic press.

  • Function of ejection cylinder in hydraulic press

    In the past, there were a lot of customers who consulted on the Internet. When they asked whether they needed to eject the cylinder, many of them didn't know the function of the ejection cylinder. So let's introduce:

    Most four column hydraulic presses are equipped with ejection cylinder. This is because during the machining process of hydraulic press, a part is needed to help take the product out of the mold, and the ejection cylinder plays this role.

    To put it simply, the ejector cylinder plays a demoulding role in the four column hydraulic press, which ejects the workpiece from the concave mold. However, as the ejection cylinder is also an important part and has high cost, the four column hydraulic press with ejection cylinder is a little more expensive than the ordinary hydraulic press, which should be understood by most people.

    The working process of the four column hydraulic top cylinder is also very simple. When the main cylinder of the hydraulic press stops moving, the operator presses the ejection button, the corresponding electromagnet is powered on, and the cartridge valve is opened. The hydraulic oil enters the lower chamber of the ejection cylinder through the cartridge valve, and the oil in the upper chamber flows back to the oil tank. The workpiece is ejected, and the ejected cylinder must be returned after ejection; Then, the operator of the four column hydraulic press presses the return button, the electromagnet loses power, and opens the cartridge valve. The hydraulic oil enters the upper chamber of the ejector cylinder, and the oil in the lower chamber flows back to the oil tank, forming a circulation system to maintain the continuous movement of the four column hydraulic press.

    Now we all know that the work of four column hydraulic top cylinder is very simple, ejection and return, but the ejection cylinder movement can only start after the main cylinder movement of the hydraulic press is completed. The two movements are closely related, otherwise it will cause abnormal or safety accidents.