Virtual LNG

Latin America Sessions

All times in Brasilia Standard Time (BRT), UTC-3

11:30 Market overview: Brazilian natural gas market outlook, capacity and global position
Perspectives on the regional market from different member countries
• Regional market update, comparative strength and future predictions
• What are the effects of Covid-19 and expected recovery timeline
• Assessing positive growth predictions for small-scale LNG
• What is the Latin American LNG market outlook for the next 3 to 5 years?
• How are Latin American and Caribbean markets responding to low global prices?
• Update on indexing of LNG and natural gas vs oil post-pandemic

12:30 Maintaining Brazil’s market opening
• Opportunities for investment and associated risks
• Sticking to plan in the face of pandemic and recession
• Laying open the field: How Latam NOC’s have positioned to allow space for others• Delays and solutions to market growth after the pandemic
• Analysing successes and room for improvement in Brazil’s landmark policies

01:30 South America  LNG project overview
This session will provide insights into some of the industry’s most exciting developments –  new initiatives, projects and developments worldwide.
• Mega projects and associated risks
• Enabling flexibility through integrated projects with renewable energy add ons

02:30 Applying Advanced Digital Systems and High-Level Automation To Improve LNG Operations
• Analysis of latest IT solutions to enable operators to effectively manage the business while maintaining safety and quality of operations
• Demonstrating advantages of new technical & energy solutions
• Improving operational margins while upholding contractual obligations and staying competitive in growing market

03:00 LNG & Gas storage an essential part of the security of supply

03:30 Challenges of Getting the Projects Built – EPC PerspectiveThe session focused on identifying and establishing the roadblocks and challenges in the process of building the projects
• Construction challenges being faced• Contracted cost and project  timelines

04:00 Global LNG market transition to the future
Future predictions and capacity outlook to help to make the best business decisions today

04:30 Networking and Coffee Break


North America Session

All times in Central Daylight Time (CDT), UTC-5

Canada Focus

02:30 Regulatory Perspective This session will focus and outline federal and provincial governments action plan to encourage international interest and investment in the natural gas and LNG industries
• Focus on regulations
• Financing
• Market Access

03:00 First Nations Perspective – Indigenous Economic Partnership
This session will bring First Nations perspective and intent on bridging the gaps
• How the JVs are a win-win for both parties
• Current opportunities
• What has been the experience and lessons learnt

03:30 Canada’s Position in Global Energy Scene
This session will talk about Canada’s presence in the global gas and LNG scene.
• How is Canada’s LNG shaping up
• What are the most significant challenges
• What is the way forward
• Focus on demand & supply and LNG pricing
• LNG pricing

04:00 Panel discussion – LNG: North America’s climate change initiative
This session will focus on initiatives taken for the climate change narrative
• LNG exports as a scope to reduce the carbon footprint
• LNG and natural gas in the world’s energy transition
• Focus on carbon offsets: calculation and acceptance

The USA Focus

04.30 Addressing supply and demand issues in LNG retail
What are pricing transitions that can facilitate a more global and flexible LNG trade framework?
• Asia’s reliance on LNG to meet growing demand rising from declining domestic supply
• Balancing excess LNG capacity

05:00 Small scale LNG in the US  – Delivering LNG to remote areas
The session will talk about slow but continuous growth of domestic LNG market
• LNG as energy resource for remote areas
• What has been the experience?
• What are the opportunities and possible challenges?

05:30 Focus on Pipelines
Session will talk in detail about the challenges associated with the LNG pipelines system
• What are the challenges being faced?
• Solutions and the way around
• Latest technology innovations

06:00 LNG projects construction and maintenance – Impact on labour market
• Labour market scenario associated with LNG projects
• The balance between demand and availability of labour
• Impact on the broader provincial workforce on regional businesses

06:20  Global Analysis of LNG Supply and Demand
This session will aim to answer questions around global supply and demand dynamics affecting LNG trade.
• How has LNG supply and demand been affected by the market slow down?
• Global LNG supply and demand dynamics
• How to sustain LNG Market growth trajectory and what is its impact on long term contracts?

06:40 Panel Discussion
US and Canada Market Outlook and Global Positioning
This panel will focus on the latest information of LNG trade volumes in North America specifically US & Canada in terms of exports. Selected speakers will share their expertise on the subject matter focusing on:
• Trading volumes
• Changes in gas prices globally
• Decline in demand

07:10 LNG Projects Economics
The session will layout the various facets of LNG projects economics
• Cost structure of. global projects
• Market overview
• Issues related to market access

07:40Economics of Natural Gas Versus Natural Gas with Natural Gas Liquids.
The session will talk about economics related to natural gas vs gas with natural gas liquids.
• What is the comparison of both
• How can gas with natural gas liquids open up more commercial avenues
• Challenges in reaching the potential market and possible solutions

08:10 Covid-19 Situation: Impact on Global Gas and LNG Market
The session focusing on the post-pandemic world will talk about the market uncertainties and preparedness to deal with it
• Effect of Covid-19 shut down on global market slowdown
• What are the challenges being faced
• What are the lessons learnt and how to prepare for future similar situations?

08:40 New Technology to Drive Down Operating  Costs (Automation, Robots, Simplification)
The session will focus on new technologies in the Gas and LNG space which will help in driving down the operating costs.
• What are the new technologies?
• Role of technology in bring down the operating costs
• How easy is it to fuse new technology with the current one?

09:00 Closing remarks & end of the conference

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