Virtual LNG

8th – 9th December 2020

Asia Session

All times in Singapore time (SGT), UTC+8   All times in Singapore time (SGT), UTC+8

08:00 Organiser’s Welcome Message

08:05 Chair Person’s Welcome Speech

08:10 Keynote Presentation
LNG Markets in Asia
• What are buyers looking for
• How the LNG market is evolving with the change in offtake contracts, tariffs and demand scenario

08:45 Global LNG market outlook & Capacity
• What are the current global demand forecasts for LNG?  Are they too optimistic?
• What is the LNG market outlook for the next 3 to 5 years?

09:45 Global LNG industry dynamics: pricing, imports, exports and key drivers’ analysis

10:15 LNG & Gas Pricing dynamics
More LNG will continue to gradually change oil and gas price dynamics. Although it now accounts for just 15 percent of global gas use, the expanding LNG trade is evolving gas into a global commodity like oil.
• Considering an argument for the disconnection of LNG pricing from that of a barrel of oil
• What are the future mechanisms for stable gas pricing?
• Geopolitics, global supply & demand and price analysis

11:15 Economic issues in the global LNG market

11:45 Driving Operational Efficiency in LNG
This session will focus on innovation highlights on floating liquefaction and regasification projects
LNG logistics and supply chain

12:15  Networking and Coffee Break

Middle East Session

All times in Gulf Standard Time (GST), UTC+4

08:45  Assessing the current state and future outlook for the Global LNG & Gas Market

09:15 Small Scale LNG sources
Addressing the infrastructure gaps and simplifying the logistics from LNG hubs while optimizing the location of micro liquefaction facilities. Are small scale LNG projects the answers to security of supply and reduction of dependence of imports?
• Analysis of small scale LNG supply chains
• Scalable and replicable business cases

10:15 LNG in Maritime: Logistics & Supply Chains of Fueling Solutions
This session will look into how maritime shipping is fuelled by LNG. It will also assess the viability of next-generation fuels and their relation to LNG as well as sustainability in the global shipping industry
• The rise of short- term shipping market
• LNG in Maritime fuel & shipping
• Exploring commercial opportunities throughout the supply chain

11:15 LNG maritime & bunkering operations
LNG facilities adapting to the market changes, ship retrofitting, new built solutions and flexibility are required to open new markets and generate additional revenue streams. The session will explore:
• LNG fuelled vessels and LNG bunker vessels
• Small scale LNG for bunkering
• Latest floating jettyless technology
• The impact of IMO 2020 Sulphur cap

12:15 Project Showcase and Update
This session will showcase major LNG projects in the Middle East
• What has been the experience
• What are the latest updates
• What are the key challenges

01:00 Networking and Coffee Break 

Europe Session

All times in Central European time (CET), UTC +2

11:00 Regional overview: European perspectives, market outlook, trading volumes, EU import terminals and prospects for new developments
• What is expected LNG growth in Europe?
• What is the current market for LNG in Europe

11:45 Panel 4 The role of LNG in a decarbonising energy sector
Decarbonisation of energy markets is key in achieving the EU Green Deal and 2050 global Climate goals. This session will focus on the following:
• LNG as key element in delivering EU green deal
• Gas infrastructure and associated challenges with expected higher volumes of renewable and decarbonised gases• Flexibility and diversity of supply, CO2 reduction and improved air quality

12:15 LNG for Road Transport
The move to use LNG in a road transport environment is proving to be a growing trend. Where does LNG fit for heavy-duty transport changes in a global economy and logistics scenarios? We look at a number of aspects:
• Outlook for growth of LNG driven trucks and fleets• Innovating solutions in LNG trucking• Powering engines with sustainable solutions
• Maturing vehicle technologies and infrastructure developments allowing  acceleration deployment of LNG delivery and use for transport globally

01:00 Panel discussion: Is coal plant powered demand for LNG sustainable for long term business?
How to address uncertainty over direction of carbon prices?

01:30 Latest developments in Bio LNG
Could Bio LNG become the new sustainable fuel and can it eliminate CO2 in shipping?

02:30 Next Generation infrastructure
Identifying solutions which offer flexibility to LNG demand and minimal impact to existing infrastructure, at most competitive cost ratio
• Innovations in LNG industry considering geopolitical and regulatory landscape
• The future of LNG
• Case studies & EPC engineering opinions

03:00 Optimising mid-scale LNG facilities
Success case studies and latest project overview

03:30 Road and marine regulations shaping the industry Navigating the regulatory landscape18:00 Debate: Future of gas

04:30 Networking and Coffee Break 

Latin America & USA Sessions – view here.



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