Awards Ceremony
Cocktail Reception

LNG Industry Awards 2018

LNG Industry Awards recognise and reward excellence shown by companies and individuals working in the LNG sector. The Awards will be given to those who have been committed to achieving and delivering the very best for the LNG industry in the last year. The Awards Ceremony will be held during the Cocktail Reception.

Cocktail Reception

Cocktail Reception is an exclusive social highlight of the Summit allowing attendees to meet new business contacts and interact with peers in a unique and more comfortable environment. The special evening will provide an opportunity to toast new deals and partnerships with delicious drinks followed by appetizing canapés.

The Most Substantial Contribution to Development of LNG Infrastructure

The award is granted to the company which has shown remarkable dedication to the improvement and growth of LNG infrastructure.

The Most Innovative Bunkering Project

This award recognises the company that has succeeded in showing the most innovation in the development of a bunkering project.

The Most Efficient LNG Terminal Operator

The award is given to an LNG terminal operator for distinguishing themselves with their efficiency and operational excellence.

The Most Supportive Gas Institution

This award is presented to a gas institution that throughout the year has shown outstanding support and were actively engaged in the betterment of the industry.

The Most Exceptional Contribution to Development of LNG Value Chain

The award is bestowed to a company that has tirelessly worked to develop innovative solutions and provided added value to LNG operations.

The Most Accomplished EPC Contractor

This award celebrates the EPC Contractor which has shown exceptional commitment to delivering high-quality projects in the field of SSLNG infrastructure development.

The Most Outstanding Italian Service Provider

The award is given in recognition of the outstanding service provision by an Italian company that has ensured smooth operations and served their customers above their expectations.

The Leading Cryogenic Solutions Provider

This award recognises the company that has a proven track record of providing highly reliable and efficient cryogenic systems, that help drive the SSLNG industry forward.


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