Small-Scale LNG Summit will be held at the Ramada Plaza Milano hotel. Located in the charming Lombardia region of Milan, the hotel exudes a welcoming atmosphere. It offers an excellent conference centre that makes the hotel an ideal place for meetings and exhibitions of prestige.

Via Stamira d'Ancona, 20127 Milano MI, Italy
+39 02.288541

About accommodation:

The hotel offers comfortable and spacious rooms, able to satisfy every need. The rooms are designed in every detail for comfort and relaxation, equipped with the latest technology and spacious balconies that naturally illuminate the interior spaces.

Wisdom Events, as the organizers, received a special group discount for accommodation. This offer includes a double room with breakfast. A free shuttle bus from the airport is also available for hotel guests.

Please contact us for accommodation enquiries:


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It’s free and takes less than 30 sec.